Content Creation

Capturing engineering know-how and translating it into reliable and repeatable behavioral models and engineering tools has been our hallmark for years.

Deploying domain experts together with our experienced group of content engineers allows us to implement design algorithms, part selection rules, and a wide range of simulation models across an extensive range of application areas in an efficient and accurate manner. This is a trait that is highly sought after in the industry.

Content creation is all about translating your real-world engineering knowledge to the web. There, it can be accessed by millions of engineers from around the world. Transim makes it easy to generate your engineering content for the web. Our content management system (CMS) is designed in-house, from the ground up, to capture your specialized knowledge.

There are two ways to create your content. The first way is for the Transim's team of engineers to generate approved content. The second way is to have your team create the content themselves utilizing Transim’s technologies. User guides and training are available to teach your engineers or technicians how to use Transim's proprietary systems.

Engineering content is all the data that populates your design tools. It could be:

  • Reference designs for product pages on your company website
  • Behavioral models for simulations
  • Design algorithms to create custom schematics based on user inputs
  • Component data to create Part Selectors or a Bill of Materials (BOM)